What’s New in CCBIS? – September 2020

We have been working hard on making changes to improve the CCBIS system. Below are some notes on the updates that have been made.

Providers that are linked to multiple locations cannot print the Daily Summary by Child Ending Authorization Within 30 Days report for a single location.Added a Provider Selector to the Daily Summary by Child Ending Authorization Within 30 Days Report.


Providers that are associated with multiple locations will now be able to run the report for a single location by selecting a location from the Provider Dropdown after selecting the report to run. Providers only associated with one location will have their location automatically selected in the dropdown.

In addition, the option for Private Pay filtering has been removed since Private Pay children do not have a subsidy authorization.

Once attendance is submitted for a month, there is no way to submit attendance for a period in that month that is covered by a new, retroactive,  authorization.Modified the system so that the Submit button is re-enabled when a retroactive authorization is received, and there is private pay attendance within the new authorization that can now be submitted.


Example: Child has an authorization until the 20th of the month. The child is still in attendance after the 20th, and attendance is recorded. The next month, attendance is submitted for the days through the 20th. Then, a retroactive authorization is received starting on the 21st.

In this situation, the Submit button is re-activated for the previous month, and the attendance covered under the new authorization can be submitted.

The Child Type field on the Child Detail page displays Expired when creating a new child.Corrected a display issue on the child detail page so that it no longer shows Expired status when creating a new child.
When searching for children to attach to a sponsor, the list of children does not show the Child Type (Subsidized, Private Pay or Expired).Added a column, Child Type, to the results grid on the Sponsor Details – Child Search page.


There are times when a child changes cases, which results in multiple instances of the child in the system. When searching for children to attach to a sponsor, the system will now display the child status (Subsidized, Private Pay, Expired) in the results grid. This will help the provider select the correct instance of the child to attach to a sponsor.

There were two issues on the Sponsor Details – Child Search Pop Up page that were corrected.Modifications were made to the Sponsor Details – Child Search Pop Up Behavior:


1. Corrected an issue where all children are returned in the search results when searching for a child by DCN.

2. Modified the screen so that pressing the Enter key on the keyboard executes a search using the search criteria entered.