Delivery & Training Team

This page will show the Missouri Child Care Business Information Solution Drivers who will be visiting each provider’s location to distribute equipment and provide on-site training.

Scheduling your Tablet Delivery

You will receive at least two calls from CCBIS support staff prior to your tablet being delivered.

  • The first call will be the staff confirming information about your site.
  • The second call will be from one of our delivery and training teams to schedule your delivery.

Calls will appear on your phone as being dialed from the number (573) 606-6247. If you have Called ID, the ID for the call will say “MO CHILD CARE.” You may also see it say Jefferson City, MO. It is important you pick both calls up, so be on the lookout for them!

The following materials should be included with your delivery:

Miscellaneous Documents

  1. Electronic Time & Attendance Introduction Flyer
  2. Equipment Agreement

KinderConnect QRCs

  1. Adding New Parents/Sponsors to a Child
  2. Edit Parent/Sponsor Details
  3. Meaning of the Colors on the “Attendance Detail” Screen
  4. How to Record Absences
  5. Recording a Holiday
  6. Correct Attendance
  7. Submit Attendance
  8. Sending Messages
  9. View Cases
  10. Adding Private Pay Children
  11. Merge Child and Parent Records

KinderSign QRCs for Sponsors

  1. Checking Children In and Out
  2. How to Backdate Transactions
  3. Sponsor Options
  4. How a Sponsor Approves Attendance Transactions

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