What’s New in CCBIS? – December 2020

Private pay children do not have a sliding fee. The fields for the fees were being displayed on the Child Detail page.Removed the sliding fee fields on the Child Detail page for private pay children.

The Remittance Advice screen would display a row for each service month contained within a payment. For example, if a provider is being paid in August for care provided in both June and July, the screen would show two lines, both with the same Payment Date and Check/DDP information.

Modified the screen and removed the Service Month column. The screen now shows one row for each payment made.

On the Daily Summary By Child Name Authorized User Report, when there is both subsidy and private pay attendance during the same month, attendance entries could be duplicated on the report.Corrected an issue with the report, and now it will show the correct attendance.
The Daily Detailed Attendance report would display data that was not needed (hours totals) and could also display attendance that would not be used for calculating the units of care.

Modified the report as follows:

  1. Removed the Hours total columns
  2. Added a dropdown when running the report
    • Approved/Complete – this will display only approved attendance with complete time pairs. This is selected by default.
    • All Attendance – this will display all attendance regardless of status.
    • Pending – this will only display attendance in a pending status. 
  3. Removed the “Only Submitted Attendance” checkbox.
When a provider sets up holidays in the future, if a child is no longer attending the provider, the child could show up on the various attendance reports with Holiday for attendance.

The system will now ensure that when the attending checkbox is unchecked for a child, that child will no longer show up with Holiday attendance in the future.

For providers using the API functionality to import attendance from another system, i.e. ProCare, SmartCare, etc., there is no way to review attendance that is rejected during the import.

There is a new page under the Attendance activity called Rejections. This page will display information regarding the child and the attendance transaction what was rejected.

This page is also accessed by clicking on the Action icon from the Home page when there is an “API Attendance Rejected” message.

In certain instances, a child with an Expired subsidy authorization is not showing up as a child that can be associated with a sponsor.Corrected an issue and now these children will be listed so they can be associated with a sponsor.
There are times when clicking on the Delete button for a sponsor sets the sponsor to Inactive status. This happens when the sponsor has recorded attendance in the system at some point.When a provider tries to delete a sponsor that cannot be deleted, but will be set to Inactive status, the system will display a message letting the provider know that the sponsor will be set to Inactive status.