Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains some of the most Frequently Asked Questions our we receive from providers using our system. We will continue to update this page as we receive more questions.


Where can I find a copy of the informational flyer to hand out to families?

You can access and print the flyer using the link here.

I’ve lost the Equipment Agreement is there somewhere I can access it?

You can access the equipment agreement here.

Is there a checklist for the items I should receive when my tablet is delivered?

Yes there is, you can access it here.


1) How do I unlock my account after too many failed log in attempts?

Please give our support line a call. Only support representatives can unlock an account

2) How do I submit attendance?

You can submit attendance by going to the Attendance menu at the top of the screen then selecting “Submit” from the drop down menu that appears. Choose the time period you would like to submit for and press submit. A list of the children’s names will pop up. Put a check mark next to each child you wish to submit then press the submit button. Accept the terms and conditions and press the submit attendance button. You should see the number of children move from the un-submitted column to the submitted column. This means you have successfully submitted your attendance. For step by step guide with pictures on this process click here For a video on the process, click here.

3) What do the different colors mean on the attendance entry screen?

The different colors tell you several things about your attendance. Please see the QRC here for examples of the colors and what they mean.


How do I register my tablet?

You can follow step by step video instructions on how to register your tablet here.


1) Parents are using KinderSign but the timestamps are not showing up in KinderConnect?

They may need to re-register their phone. To do this, they will need to scan the KinderSmart registration form located on the Sponsor Detail page. Then the will need to scan the provider mobile sign in sheet at your location. If the issue persists please give our support line a call at 833-866-1709 and choose option 9 and one of our representatives will happily assist you in resolving this.